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The history of confectionery products and the development of confectionery machinery today
In happy holidays, people like to choose colorful candy to express their blessings to family, friends and colleagues. The exquisite packaging and sweet taste of candy represent the joy of Chinese people during the holiday season. Candy products have a long history, and their profound cultural connotations have influenced generations.

In ancient times, people used honey to make sweets, and dragees appeared around Rome. However, confectionery was expensive at that time, and with the rise of colonial trade, the extensiveness of sucrose prompted many confectionery manufacturers to start experimenting with various confectionery recipes and mass production of confectionery, which brought confectionery to ordinary people's homes.

The times are advancing, science and technology are innovating. With the rapid development of China's food industry, China's confectionery industry has also been continuously improved, product quality has been continuously improved, new products have changed with each passing day, and varieties are abundant. China is the world's second largest candy market, and its growth rate is among the best in the food industry. This puts more and higher demands on the confectionery machinery. Candy machinery and equipment include pouring machines, sugar pots, sugar pots, sandwich machines, soft and hard candy production lines, candy packaging equipment and more. Next we have some discussion on candy packaging equipment in candy machinery.

The primary role of packaging is to help moisture and heat insulation of confectionery products. The use of packaging materials and forms suitable for the product can help prevent oxidation of the product's oil and grease, thereby extending the product shelf life. The second is to prevent microbial and dust pollution and improve product hygiene and safety. In addition, exquisite product packaging can increase consumer buying desire and product value.

At present, domestic confectionery products are packaged in kink packaging, pillow packaging, and folding envelope packaging. The packaging form of candy is mainly determined by the market positioning of its products, the requirements of the product itself, and the value of the packaging. For products for mass consumption, the packaging is relatively simple. At present, most confectionery manufacturers use pillow packaging.

In order to gain a stable position in the increasingly competitive market, confectionery companies must cope with changes in market demand. In addition to improving production efficiency and product quality, they must package their products beautifully. For this reason, the packaging of candy must not only be cheap, but also meet the needs of the market and the requirements of packaging performance. Packaging materials include low temperature sealed packaging film, kink packaging film, and resealable packaging surface film. To quickly reduce the gap between domestic confectionery products and developed countries, we must only take the road of technological innovation. In the future, the development trend of domestic confectionery packaging will inevitably develop towards the high-speed automation of packaging, multi-functionalization of one machine, and the characteristic of packaging design.

The rapid development of the confectionery market determines the rise of the confectionery machinery market and drives the development of the entire industry. With future scientific and technological innovation and the advancement of the times, confectionery products and confectionery machinery will also continue to occupy an important share of the market.



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