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    Old Factory Building to be Transformed into Official Reception Hotel for Winter Olympic Games Shangri-La Hotel Project is Launched in Shougang Garden

    Release Time:2019-06-11 08:04:05


    On March 28th, the launching ceremony of the Shangri-La Hotel Project in Shougang Garden was held in Taolou. Guo Huigang, Secretary and Minister of Administration of the Organizing Committee of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, Wang Yue, Deputy Director of the Beijing Bureau of Culture and Tourism, Ke Yongguo, Executive Deputy Head of Shijingshan District, Guo Huiguang, Chairman of Shangri-La Group, CEO Lin Mingzhi, Bao Cunqi, Executive Vice-President of Operations, Wang Wei, Vice-President of Investment Management and Business Development, and leaders of Shougang Group, Zhang Gongyan, Wang Shizhong, Liang Jie, and Liu Hua, attended the ceremony and had talks on project cooperation. This cooperation marks the birth of an international high-end hotel in Shougang Park, which will become one of the “official reception hotels for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games”.

    During the talks, Zhang Gongyan said that Beijing Park of Shougang, as the birthplace of century-old Shougang, had witnessed the development of modern industry in China. At present, the park is facing unprecedented development opportunities. It is striving to build “a new landmark of the capital city renewal in the new era” and become an important service guarantee for the Winter Olympic Games. Shougang Group will cooperate with Shangri-La Group to build a high-end industrial characteristic hotel to make better use of the Winter Olympic Games, assist the Winter Olympic Games, and serve the Winter Olympic Games, speed up the development and construction of Shougang Park, and promote Shougang Park to enhance its international service soft power.

    Guo Huiguang said, “Beijing has always been an important market for Shangri-La Group. We are committed to deepening investment and cooperation in Beijing and supporting its development planning. We are honored to cooperate with Shougang Group to create international products and services for customers with Shangri-La’s Asian hospitality and brand commitment. The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games is not only a historic moment for the host city, but also our glorious mission. Shangri-La will greet the coming of the event with the greatest kindness and cordiality.”

    Wang Yue, Deputy Director of the Beijing Bureau of Culture and Tourism, and Ke Yongguo, Executive Deputy Head of Shijingshan District, fully affirmed the cooperation between the two groups. At the same time, they hoped that on the basis of mutual benefit, the two sides could support each other, seek common development, continuously enhance mutual trust, and achieve win-win results.

    At the launching ceremony of the project, Liang Jie and Lin Mingzhi signed the “Hotel Management Agreement” on behalf of Shougang Group and Shangri-La Group respectively and delivered speeches. The person in charge of Shougang Construction Investment Co., Ltd. introduced the background of the project.

    The brand-new Shangri-La Hotel project will be located in the core area of Shougang Park. It will be situated in the Shijingshan and Qunming Lake landscapes, adjacent to the Shougang Ski Jumping Platform of the Winter Olympic Games and the “Four Ices” of the Winter Sports Training Center of the national team. The hotel is renovated from the main building of the old power plant in the old factory area. While retaining industrial and historical heritage, it will adopt the modern style and the concept of green sustainable development. The project is expected to be completed and put into operation by the end of 2021. It will become one of the “official reception hotels for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games” and provide high quality services for the reception work of Shougang Park.

    Shangri-La Group is a world-renowned hotel developer, owner and operator. At present, it owns and manages more than 100 Shangri-La hotels, Kerry hotels , Hotel Jen  and TRADERS hotels  in 75 destinations around the world. In addition, real estate investments in the development, holdings, and operations of the Group include office buildings, commercial property, service apartments, and residential buildings.

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