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    Company Profile

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    Company Profile

            With the changes of the times over the past 100 years, the Shougang Group has achieved its present status by virtue of continuous inheritance and strenuous efforts. Founded in 1919, Shougang is the epitome of China inheritance and strenuous efforts. Founded in 1919, Shougang is the epitome of China’s steel industry and a banner of reform and opening up. It has participated in and witnessed the historical leaps of China’s steel industry from scratch, from small to large and from large to strong, as well as the great leaps of the Chinese people from rising up to becoming rich, to becoming strong. At present, it has developed into a comprehensive enterprise group engaging in cross-industry, cross-region, cross-ownership and transnational operation, with more than 600 wholly-owned, holding and shareholding enterprises, total assets of over RMB 500 billion and nearly 90,000 employees. Since 2011, it has been ranked among the top 500 enterprises in the world eight times. In the face of the sudden COVID-19 outbreak, the Groupince 2020 it has been ranked amo with firm confidence and dedication, and adhered to the dence and dedication,n COVID-19 outbreak, the Groupince , and production, operation and construction. With the fighting spirit of Shougang members who dare to fight hard and win the battle, the Group has created business performance with double year-on-year growth in operating income and profits, achieving a successful conclusion of the “ sth Five-year Plans.

            Since the founding of the PRC, the Party and the State have attached great importance to the development of Shougang, and dozens of Party and State leaders have visited Shougang for advisory supervision. In February 2014, General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out in his important speech about the inspection of Beijing that, “The relocation of Shougang to Caofeidian is a pragmatic move. You must continue unswervingly.” In February 2019, General Secretary Xi Jinping visited the Shougang Park for inspection and greetings and made important instructions, which injected powerful impetus to the high-quality development of Shougang.

            Shougang people inherit and carry forward the spirit of “dare to try, dare to insist, and dare to work hard” and “dare to take up responsibility, dare to innovate, and dare to be first in the world.” It is the first company building with the first modern blast furnace in China by adopting new technologies, such as bell-less top device and top burning hot blast stove, the first company building with a modern steelmaking plant by introducing foreign second-hand equipment, the first company that was given the right of investment and project approval, of financing and foreign trade autonomy by the State, and the first company that establishes a bank by an industrial enterprise and going abroad to buy overseas minerals. Shougang has achieved countless incredible revolutionizing and developing feats.

            Shougang implemented the unprecedented large-scale relocation of steel plants, became the first iron and steel enterprise in China to move from the central city to coastal area. It also jointly restructured Shuicheng Iron and Steel, Guiyang Special Steel, Changzhi Iron and Steel, Tonggang and Yili Iron and Steel across regions, expanding its industrial layout to the coastal areas and resource rich areas, forming a 30-million ton steel production capacity, and realized the transformation of product structure to high-end plates. Jingtang Company built a new generation of recyclable iron and steel process demonstration flow, which is known as the “dream factory” of iron and steel people. Shougang relocation made great contributions to the success of the 2008 Olympic Games. Beijing Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government awarded Shougang the title of “Meritorious Shougang.” Shougang has become the pioneer of the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin, and Hebei.

            Entering a new era and advancing audaciously at the right time, Shougang has thoroughly implemented the new development concept and established a new strategic orientation. “By building a new capital operation platform, Shougang’s two leading industries—iron and steel and urban comprehensive service are given equal attention and coordinated development”, making Shougang, the provider of the two leading industries, the only comprehensive pilot unit for deep transformation of state-owned enterprises in Beijing, and was selected as the “Double Hundred Enterprise” in the state-owned enterprise reform of the State Council.

            Aimed at becoming the first-class in the world and improve the comprehensive competitiveness of “manufacturing + service” in the iron and steel industry. Shougang has become a national innovative pilot enterprise and technological innovation demonstration enterprise. Six enterprises, including Beijing Shougang Co., Ltd. and Shougang Cold Rolling Company, are recognized as national high-tech enterprises. It has formed 10 high-end product series, such as auto plates, electric steel, and tin plates. 20 new products were first launched in China and 2 internationally. The silicon steel product reaches the first echelon in the world and the domestic market share of auto plates follows suit. Tin plates have covered the domestic high-end users fully. Iron and steel products are spreading all over the world with “extraordinary strength, ocean depth, modern speed, heat of service, and strength of safety.” Major projects such as the “Blue Whale #1,” high-speed rail train, high bridge and ship, hydropower, nuclear power, rocket and spaceship, are undoubtedly marked with the Shougang stamp. Shougang will coordinate the relocation and transformation of Qinhuangdao Shouqin Metal Materials production line and the construction of Jingtang Phase II and will accelerate the development of Macheng iron mine and other resource base projects. The competitiveness of iron and steel enterprises in other cities has been significantly improved.

            Seizing the historic opportunity of the Winter Olympics and accelerating the rise of Beijing’s old industrial zone, following the “new general plan” of the city, relying on the “Chang’an golden axis”, integrating regional advantages, spatial resources and innovative elements, Shougang will implement the three-year action plan, vigorously promoting cultural rejuvenation, ecological rejuvenation, industrial rejuvenation and vitality rejuvenation, while striving to create a new landmark for the rejuvenation of the capital city in the new era.

            Shougang Beijing Park is fast becoming a practice ground for the Olympic Games to promote urban development and the revival of the old industrial park. The Winter Olympic Organizing Committee has settled in, the large jumping platform for the Winter Olympics skiing competition event was built and completed, the General Administration of Sport of China and Shougang has jointly built the national sports industry demonstration area, and the “Four Ice Cubes” and other Winter Olympic training venues were completed and started operation. Major activities and events such as the Summary Meeting of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, the Reception of the Embassy in China, the Branch Venue of “the China International Fair for Trade in Services,” the Opening Ceremony of the China-Finland Year of Winter Sports, the Finals of the Curling World Cup, and the First Beijing Winter Games, continue to ignite the passion of “ice and fire.” Shougang became the top official partner of Beijing Winter Olympics and has won the “Olympism in Action” trophy of the International Olympic Committee. Chairman Bach made a complimentary remark that, “The reconstruction of Shougang Industrial Park in Beijing is a miracle and an example of ‘amazing’ urban planning and renewal.” China’s first C40 Climate Positive Development Program, the World Overseas Chinese Business Innovation Center, the New Shougang International Talent Community, the Beijing Workstation of Overseas Academicians and Experts, the Global New Product Launch Center, the First 5G Smart Demonstration Project in China and other projects were successively implemented. The bridge across the Yongding River in the west extension of Chang’an Avenue is named “New Shougang Bridge.” It was officially opened on September 29, 2019, opening the West Gate of Beijing.

            Shougang plays a leading role in the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin, and Hebei, and becomes a platform and carrier for the Beijing Municipal Government and the Hebei Provincial Government to implement national strategies.

            The core of Caofeidian Park of Shougang is to undertake the non-capital function relief and various work items, such as the industry first start area and the ecological city first start area are rapidly promoted. Caofeidian Branch of Jingshan School, Caofeidian Cooperation Hospital of Friendship Hospital, Caofeidian Diagnosis and Treatment Center of Anzhen Hospital were built and put into use accordingly. To build a characteristic town of Green Valley, the passive residence of Caofeidian New Town was rated as “one of the ten green technology demonstration projects” by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development. The construction of Shuicao Railway, an important channel for the integration of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei transportation, was accelerated.

            Based on the position of “China Automobile Sports Culture Demonstration Base,” Shouqin Park implements projects such as “Qinhuangdao Shougang Racing Valley” to create a high-end development platform.

            Shougang accelerates industrial focus, plays the role of the equity investment company, integrates Shougang Environment Company, Shougang International Engineering Company, Shougang Automation Information Technology Company, Shougang Construction Group, Shougang Real Estate, Shougang Machinery & Electric, Shougang Chengyun, Shougang Industry and other excellent enterprises, and focuses on building a comprehensive urban service provider in terms of urban development, government needs and people’s needs. Shougang Biomass Energy Co., Ltd., the largest single waste incineration power plant in the world, the first static transportation R & D demonstration base in China, the only “public transport three-dimensional garage manufacturing license” enterprise in China, the Beijing new airport parking building, the first domestic airport PPP demonstration project, the first batch of demonstrated “national assembly building industry base” by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, the comprehensive management service platform of the administrative office area of the Beijing Sub-Center, the desalination project of Hierro Peru and Rizhao, etc. are constantly presented, and the business model plays a leading role. Sports culture industry consists of five high-level teams, including basketball, table tennis, and ice hockey national teams, and baseball and softball teams, Shougang Basketball Center, Shougang Sports Building, and other high-quality resources.

            In the field of financial services, Shougang has strong capacity. Huaxia Bank, founded in 1992, has grown into a national joint-stock commercial bank, and Shougang has always been the largest shareholder. Shougang Fund Company has a management scale of more than 50 billion yuan and is shortlisted as one of the “top 10” private equity investment institution with the most growth potential in China; the Venture Community has become a national incubator and maker space. The scale of deposit and loan, financial note promotion and financial qualification of Finance Company have been continuously improved.

            Shougang actively develops international operations and continues to fuel the “Belt and Road.” It has acquired 4 listed companies in Hong Kong and established many overseas enterprises in Europe and America. BWI successfully acquired Delphi Company of the United States, with 7 factories and 6 technology R & D centers around the world, becoming the world’s leading automobile shock absorber and brake business provider. Hierro Peru with 670 square kilometers of permanent mining right completed the construction of the new area and became the “bridgehead” for Chinese enterprises to enter South America. At present, Shougang’s overseas assets have reached more than 130 billion yuan, making it a large enterprise group with international influence and multinational operation.

            Today, Shougang is an attention puller of the world. Guided by Xi Jinping’s socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era, Shougang people have implemented the requirements of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, hence becoming a pioneer of the reform of state-owned enterprises and a leader of high quality development, to build a world-class comprehensive large enterprise group, to continue to inscribe another hundred years of legend, and to create a new glorious page for Shougang again in history!


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