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    Caofeidian Park

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    Caofeidian Park

           Beijing-Hebei Caofeidian Co-development Demonstration Zone Construction Investment Co., Ltd. is a construction investment company jointly promoted by Beijing and Hebei provincial government departments on January 29, 2015 under the background of eagerly promoting Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei co-development. It is the main body of development and construction of Beijing-Hebei Caofeidian Co-development Demonstration Zone designated by Beijing and Hebei. It undertakes the investment, development, construction and operation management of the demonstration zone. The registered capital is 2 billion yuan, of which 67% is owned by Shougang Group Co., Ltd. on behalf of the Beijing enterprise, and 33% owned by Tangshan Caofeidian Development Investment Group Co., Ltd. on behalf of the Hebei enterprise. The Company's development area totals 110 square kilometers, including 5.5 square kilometers of industrial pioneering area, 4.6 square kilometers of production-city integration start-up area and 100 square kilometers of Beijing (Caofeidian) modern industrial development pilot area.

    The Company implements the development concept of "innovation, coordination, greenery, openness and sharing". Taking the industrial pioneering area and pilot area as the centralized carrier of industrial transfer in Beijing, developing high-end equipment and advanced production, taking the industry-city integration pioneering area as the production-city integration of living and industrial services area, as well as developing modern service industries such as R&D, headquarters economy, transformation of scientific and technological achievements, education and training, high-end businesses, leisure and old-age care. Since its inception, the Company has been focusing on the implementation of the national strategy and the coordinated development of services as its objective, while focusing on creating an important platform and carrier to alleviate non-capital functions, promoting industrial transfer, docking and cooperation, and promoting the coordinated development of the region. It has played a demonstrative and driving role in the Beijing-Hebei Caofeidian Co-development Demonstration Zone.

    Beijing-Hebei Caofeidian Collaborative Development Demonstration Zone Construction Investment Co., L


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